The board of SAREC welcomes Mr. Terence Govender as the appointed Chairperson.

Introduction to SAREC

The main objective of SAREC is to promote the renewable energy sector in South Africa by acting as an umbrella body to the industry associations representing specific renewable energy technologies, to act as a collective custodian and voice for the RE industry in South Africa.

Other main objectives are:

  • to collectively remove barriers to entry for renewable energy;
  • to provide expert resources that Government can draw on in the formulation and execution of energy policy;
  • to promote public and private sector coordination towards the cost optimisation of renewable energy generation and the localisation of the renewable energy industry;
  • to engage with other South African organisations active in the broader fields of climate change mitigation/adaptation and sustainable development, including the private sector and civil society, in order to facilitate common goals and interests;
  • to liaise with local and international media regarding renewable energy in South Africa;
  • to promote excellence in renewable energy and related areas of business and to provide information to government, media and the public on behalf of the industry.

Subsequent to the above and after indications of support from government actors, two industry associations currently form SAREC, these are STASA and SAESA.