Solar Thermal Association of Southern Africa (STASA)

STASA has been setup by key players in the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) industry in response to the current challenges in the Renewable Energy (RE) market in South Africa and to boost solar development across Southern Africa.

STASA’s mandate is to achieve the follow


  • Fair representation of all CSP industry players in Southern Africa;
  • The advancement of CSP technology and its inclusion into the generation mix in South Africa (Integration Resource Plan [IRP]);
  • Lobbying of key shareholders to ensure the benefits of CSP projects are realised in Southern Africa;
  • Engagement with other associations including SAREC to build a powerful voice for the industry, and the wider community;
  • To ensure the sustainability of the CSP industry in the RE development landscape;
  • Ensure outstanding PPA’s are signed and bid projects announced.

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SAPVIA-logoSouth African Photovoltaic Association (SAPVIA)

The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) is a registered not-for-profit association representing members largely made up of developers, manufacturers and service providers operating within the Photovoltaic (PV) industry. SAPVIA currently has over 100 registered members. The association is devoted to promoting the growth of South Africa’s solar PV electricity market, and aims to represent the PV industry before provincial and national authorities, as well as inform decision makers as to the current state of the industry, both in South Africa and abroad. SAPVIA strives to work with government to ensure a successful and sustainable implementation of solar renewable energy into our supply mix, and provide a conduit through which communication between industry and government can be channelled.

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South African Energy Storage Association (SAESA)

The South African Energy Storage Association, “SAESA”, is dedicated to guiding policies for the accessibility of storage projects toward the advancement of the energy storage industry in South Africa.


  • To guide policy to allow for the accessibility of storage projects;
  • To advocate and advance the energy storage industry in SA;
  • To create a more resilient, accessible, efficient, sustainable, and affordable energy system in Africa;
  • To educate stakeholders, advocate for public policies, accelerate energy storage growth, and add value to the energy storage industry.


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South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA)

SAWEAThe South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) represents the interests of its members who are invested in the South African wind power value chain.

SAWEA activities are focused on:

  • Advocacy for investment in wind power;
  • Promotion of socio-economic development and transformation through wind power;
  • Excellent operational practice in the generation of wind power;
  • Provision of pertinent information on the SA wind power market;
  • Promotion of renewable power in large and small-scale applications;
  • Promotion of wind and renewable power investment in Africa

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