• Sarah Baartman Honeybee Trust

      Watch this video to see how Rodney Prins, one of the beekeepers and Trustees of the Sarah Baartman Honeybee Trust, is able to pursue his passion for running, as well as providing himself and his family with a reliable income, thanks to the creation of this Sarah Baartman Honeybee Trust, which is funded by Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm. Rodney will be participating in the ASA National Half-Marathon Championships taking place in Port Elizabeth on 24 June.

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  • Paleisheuwel solar plant near Citrusdal – Resilience Network Programme

    Paleisheuwel solar plant, in Citrusdal, is investing in the youth of today for a better tomorrow.

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  • West Coast 1 Wind Farm

    Learn more about how SA's renewable energy power plants are acting to catalyse socio-economic development in smaller towns and remote areas. Here is an example involving the West Coast 1 wind farm near Vredenburg on the Cape West Coast

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  • Hopefield Community derives benefits from Wind Farm

    “Learn more about how the small town of Hopefield in the Western Cape derives benefits for its community from the nearby Hopefield Wind Farm. #RenewablePowerPeoplesPower”

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  • Sishen Solar photovoltaic plant

    The biggest photovoltaic production on the African continent, generating 216 GWh of electricity a year. This solar plant offers enough clean energy to supply 100,000 South African homes.

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  • Kathu Solar Park

    Kathu Solar Park is a 100 MW greenfield Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project with parabolic trough technology and equipped with a molten salt storage system that allows 4.5 hours of thermal energy storage. It is situated in the Northern Cape Province, 600 km south-west of the capital Pretoria. The park is owned by a ENGIE led consortium with South African partners. Kathu Solar Park was awarded preferred bidder in the third round of the Renewable Energy ...

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  • Scatec Solar Projects in South Africa

    Scatec Solar has undertaken three solar PV projects in South Africa

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